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Miniature Railway Workshop

Portable Track Supplier Based In Nottingham UK

"A big train set for big kids"

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Easy to assemble portable track

Hurricane Steam Raising Blower
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At MRW we are striving to create everything you need to build a portable miniature railway. Our range of Jubilee portable track can be laid in the garden or taken to the local fete. Complex track plans can easily be achieved with our range of straights, points and curves that have all been carefully designed in CAD and then tested. We are proud of our product and believe it is the best portable track solution available.

We currently offer 7 1/4" gauge track panels as part of our Jubilee Portable track range but are currently working to release other gauges including 5 inch gauge.

Why make it portable?

The Jubilee portable track slots together very quickly which means an entire railway can be built in just minutes, providing a temporary back garden railway that can be laid - used - taken up all in one day and return the garden to normal. Also, with MRW’s range of straights, points and curves your track can be changed at will so you can construct a different layout design almost every time. Finally, if you or your club wish to attend the local fete then the Jubilee portable track is the ideal solution, quick and easy to assemble.  

“Laid in minutes, giving hours of fun”.



I went and collected this lovely stack of portable track from Miniature Railway Workshop! It was a dream to put together and quickly expanded the track onto the front drive 😁 just in time for the lines first visiting locomotive!

"Great service and a fantastic product 👍 loving my new portable track"

Foz Fosdike / Owner / Flair Light Railway

It's a fantastic product, it would satisfy the needs of both the novice and experienced model engineer. It's easy to assemble and store. It can be used for a variety of projects both large and small.

Robert Ewles / Chairman / Top Field Light Railway


Miniature Railway Workshop Ltd was started in 2017 by Daniel Mason. Dan (MRW’s MD) drew upon his years of experience with railways ranging from N gauge to standard gauge and nearly every scale in between. With experience of permanent and portable railways, we were able to follow a design process to innovate and develop an end product that achieved everything we wanted it to.

The basic design of our panels is unchanged since 2017 but we have made design refinements to improve assembly and reliability. For more info about the MRW story check out our About Us Page and for the latest updates please see our Blog.

We continue to innovate new products and have a sister company "NewProd Design" and are open to enquirys for product development.