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The Portable Railway Club 

The Portable Railway Club is a Non-Profit Organization Supported by MRW for the promotion of Portable Railways. The club operates running days with members able to participate and Visitors able to buy tickets to ride on the trains.

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On Saturday 12th June 2021 Miniature Railway Workshop officially launched the Portable Miniature Railway Club. The purpose of the club is to showcase our 7 ¼” and 5” gauge Jubilee track and give new and potential customers the opportunity to experience rides on a miniature railway. 


Since MRW was founded in 2018 we’ve made and sold our Jubilee track panels to hundreds of satisfied customers.


Events run by the PMRC allow us to demonstrate just how easy it is to assemble and disassemble the track. All of our track panels are fully interchangeable and can form many different layouts whether they’re 7¼” or 5” gauge. This makes it easy and accessible for anyone to have a portable miniature railway in their own back garden. All you have to do is let us know the dimensions of your space and we can figure out the rest. You could even lay out the track one way and then take it up and relay it in a different formation the next day. 


Here at MRW we started out making mostly straight panels but we’ve now extended our product range to include a whole range of curves in various radii as displayed on our website. You could always start out with a few straight panels and then add some curves later to suit your own personal needs. The possibilities are endless! 


If you’d like to have some fun on a miniature railway come and visit us at our next open day. You might even decide you’d like to set up your own track at home. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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