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Plastic wood being loaded onto Minimal style train.jpg

Plastic Wood   

Plastic wood is a long lasting solution for sleepers, it drills and cuts like wood and has a similar weight. It is an ideal choice for portable railways as well as permanent. This is a realistic and sustainable alternative to traditional hardwood .

Stacks of plastic wood

 It doesn't need preserving prior to installation and is 100% recycled and fully recyclable.

MRW Pre-Cut Sleepers

Plastic wood is a long lasting solution for sleepers and MRW recommend this material for all situations where sleepers are required to support rails. We recommend two profiles; 20x60mm for 5” and medium duty 7 ¼” use and 30x60mm for heavy duty 7 ¼” use. For locos weighing over 200kg total, we would strongly encourage the heavy duty sleeper as this is an excellent starting point for medium to large sized steam locos and more commercial focussed internal combustion or battery electric locos.

Edging Strip and Stakes

Edging Strip and Stakes

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