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Click & Play Track 

This is a unique product designed by Colin E a number of years ago and has been well proven. The track is constructed from flat bar steel with a number of laser cut components. It is a very light weight and extremely portable design which has a standard radius of just 2M. This is ideal for the small four wheeled locomotives which Colin has already designed, such as the Scamp and Imp, which are available for purchase through Engineering CMD.

Click & Play at Harrogate 4

7 1/4" Quick to lay track with 2m radius curves

Who is this product right for?

 The  track  is  only  designed  to  be  suitable  for  laying  on  flat  surfaces  such  as  indoor,  tarmac  or  hard  packed  earth.  It  has  not  been  tested  or  approved  for  use  as  a  portable  railway  on  soft  grass.  This  product  is  not  suitable  for  commercial  use  and  is  not  suggested  for  regular  passenger  carriage.  If  you  are  looking  for  a  portable  track  solution  for  regular  public  carriage,  we  would  recommend  looking  at  our  Jubilee Portable Track range.

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