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MRW dule gauge on grass

Jubilee Track

 MRW portable track is designed to be regularly laid and taken up. Jubilee track, with its slot together box steel fishplate system, makes the track very easy to lay and take up. It is well respected for its easy to understand system, robust construction and quality of design.   

Multi Gauge track close up low rez

Dual gauge track with 5” and 7 ¼” rails.

Why is it called Jubilee Track?

Jubilee Track is a common name given to portable narrow gauge railway track dating back over a

century. Narrow gauge railways were used in many forms of industry including mines, quarries,

construction sites, tunnelling, military campaigns, peat workings, engineering workshops, sugar

plantations, canal dredging, salt works, permanent railway construction, sewage works, the list goes


The track MRW produces is a scaled down version of that early portable track and therefore we use the

name Jubilee. You can use the MRW Jubilee track for both industrial use and passenger carriage but

today we tend to focus on the movement of people rather than sewage!

Visiting customer form Germany!

The Portable Railway Club 

The Portable Railway Club is a Non-Profit Organization Supported by MRW for the promotion of Portable Railways. The club operates running days with members able to participate and Visitors able to buy tickets to ride on the trains.

A running day for the Portable Railway Club  hosted at Teversal Visitors Centre and Cafe.

Our Jubilee Track range has been uploaded to the fee to download software SCARM this is a great opportunity to plan out complex miniature railways in the Jubilee track from the comfort of your home.

GO loco Railway flower tunnel.jpg

Patrick Allen

Go Loco Miniature Railway

Absolutely excellent service! I ordered a large quantity of 7 1/4” gauge track which arrived promptly and is made to the highest quality! Can’t recommend MRW enough! Perfect for portable miniature railways such as mine, can’t wait to start showing off the track at some GLMR events! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Nick Driving his steam loco.jpg
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