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Semi-Permanent Joining Panel 7 1/4 Gauge Straight Jubilee Portable Track


Length: 1.49m


Weight: 8kg (approx)


Rail material: Hollow box steel (25x25x2mm)


Sleepers: Solid recycled plastic


Connect your MRW Jubilee Track Panel to your permanent railway with this product. This panel gives a smooth and reliable joint between profiled rail commonly used on permanent tracks to our Jubilee track range. The profile rail is firmly clamped in place with locking plates and bolts. A  hidden bolt under the rail to allow for fine height adjustment, see tech drawing for more info.


Please note that the Item will rust if left outside permanently, If you wish to paint the steel work we recommend doing this soon after purchase.


This product is made to order, please note there is an approximate 3 week lead time on this product from payment untill dispatch. 


This listing is for a single track section, select the number of sections you require from the drop down menu, or contact us for large orders.


Tack sections may come with joiners removed to keep down postage costs to attach these you will simply need a 10mm spanner and 4mm allen key are needed to assemble the joiner to the rail. This is only required to be done on first installation the joiner may remain with the rail throughout use.

A standard track section weighs 6.9kg and requires careful handling to avoid injury. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  should be used when laying or moving portable Jubilee Track, for more advice please refer to  the ‘Operating Instructions for laying Jubilee Track’ the full version can be found on MRW website. 


As standard all MRW Jubilee track panels are widened by 2.3mm [ 3/32" ] this allows for curves to be joined to straights. This widening is within the 7¼ Gauge Society standards and should not adversely affect running.


Assembling and packing Jubilee Track to ensure it is level.

Portable Jubilee Track should be laid on a flat and level surface,