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Britannia Track Panel in the workshop

 Britannia Semi-Permanent Track 

 The Britannia range is designed to be a semi-permanent flat-bar rail solution that can be laid either with or without ballast, but not requiring any rail rolling or welding on the part of the builder.  

MRW Bar Rail Fishplate

 Combie Flat Bar Fishplates complete with required bolts ready to install these are suitable for 10x20 flat bar

Who is this product right for?

The track has been designed to function as a completely ready to lay range complete with fishplates specifically designed for flat bar. The range includes; Straights, Curves of various sizes, Points and buffer stops. Non-standard products can also be manufactured upon request such as crossovers and special form points. 

The Britannia track range is manufactured here at MRW by our team and we are confident that it will satisfy the needs of many miniature railway enthusiasts with a quick to lay product that can be taken up and changed in configuration as the desire may take them. 


The track range is available in two rail forms, either 30x12mm or 20x10mm Flat bar steel, as well as this MRW are also able to supply 2M flat bar lengths in either size off the shelf along with the required fishplates/chairs for you to build custom panels for yourself or use the PNP chairs as you may wish to construct special panels to fit your specific needs.

The track is not as rigid as our Jubilee range hence should be only laid on a very level base and appropriate ballast/support used to ensure the track is level and firm.

7.25 Straight  Sleepers options comparison.png

Supplied as a ready to lay, pre-drilled, pre rolled, track section either with or without plastic wood sleepers. 

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