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"That's expensive, a lot of money for portable track."

A big train set for big kids! Designed and made by MRW.

"That's expensive, a lot of money for portable track."

"Just box steel and I can make that myself with a welder!"

I've heard these remarks more times than I care to think of, but Jubilee portable track has been carefully modelled in CAD to prove it can cope with even the most complex track plans.

There are many home-made portable tracks which have been just "knocked up" with a welder. Often these home-made tracks don't just slide together easily resulting in heavy hammers being used to get them to join and more complex track plans require every panel to be made to measure. This doesn't apply to Jubilee portable track, the designs are tested for alignment in a "virtual" railway to prove that everything will line up, before we start cutting any steel.

At MRW we know that having a track which slots together quickly and easily is a really important part of a portable railway as you want to get on and enjoy running trains as quick as possible. You don't want to be searching around for "that special joiner piece". At MRW we are working to produce a complete range of track that will slot together in multiple configurations without having to resort to hammers.

Jubilee Portable Track. "Laid in minutes, giving hours of fun!"

The picture below shows our Portable points and standard sections being used to make a passing loop and headhunt, with all the sections aligning perfectly. Now we are happy with the "virtual railway" we are happy to keep progressing the Point design through to manufacture by late June, but welcome enquiries NOW! MRW will be building a passing loop just like this one out of steel and expect it go together just like the CAD version.

Remember to follow this blog to see future updates on development of the points

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