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Paul L. - Meet The Team

Hi, my name is Paul. I have been working for MRW for two years now.

Paul photographed when joining the team in 2022

Working at MRW

Paul holding a blower he built

Since starting at MRW in 2022 I have been able to work on most of the products we manufacture in-house from Jubilee track panels to blowers and coaches. This has allowed me to hone my skills in milling, turning and welding. Each day is never the same as work depends on the products being ordered, so you have to readily move from one skill set to another.

New product design and development also brings its challenges in overcoming problems, but this allows me time to read up on how these issues have been solved by railway companies in the past and develop these solutions to suit our products. Designing new production tooling and manufacturing solutions allows me to call upon my 40 years work experience at Rolls-Royce plc.

Paul modelling one of the largest pallets of track we have ever sent out. An eye watering 100+ track panels, complete with 6 sets of points and various curves.

Early Years

I have always had a keen interest in engineering, railways and aircraft. As a teenager I was fortunate to live in an area with several railway lines and on a military aircraft flight path. This meant there was often something happening to distract me, whether it was running to the nearest vantage point to watch the trains moving coal from one of the local coal mines or peering into the sky to see what the RAF were flying around in that day be it bombers, fighters, helicopters or training jets.

My other interest often found me helping my dad servicing and repairing family cars, stripping and rebuilding engines.

Working Life

After ‘A’ Levels I left school to start an apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce plc. Gaining a degree in BEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. My career led me to manufacturing and designing parts for both civil and military jet engines.

During Covid I took early retirement after a 40-year career at Rolls-Royce plc. It was soon after this the opportunity to work for MRW arose which piqued my interest in railways again and brought me to where I am now.

Hobbies and Interests

My current hobbies and interests away from MRW are keeping my Ex-military Land Rover Defender on the road, furniture restoration, woodwork and building scale models, provided I’m not out watching rugby, playing lawn bowls or visiting some museum or historical place of interest especially if it involves trains, aircraft or some feat of engineering.

Holidays have always allowed me to pursue my interests and allow me to visit and ride trains around the world as can be seen below.

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