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NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT -- Jubilee Track ( I ) Radius Curves

We have been asked this exact question; “Could you make a complete loop of track to fit into my back garden?” This is what we have come up with.

Our new ( I ) radius curve is 9.4 meters radius {30.9 feet in old money}. Which is nearly half the radius of our ( A ) curve at 16 M {50 feet}. The ( I ) curve allows sharper turns, ideal for the smaller garden and similar confined spaces. This new design is derived directly from our original track panels, which have been proven to be of a popular design which easily slots together, meaning an entire railway can be built in just minutes.

The new panels have been developed to become part of our growing product range and are available to purchase through the online shop. All of our panels are cross compatible, meaning any MRW Jubilee track section can be connected to another, with different combinations complex railways can be produced, satisfying your demands for a miniature railway.