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We’re making track at MRW - 2021 Christmas Advert Miniature Railway Workshop

We are very pleased to share our Christmas Video from all of us here at MRW

A special thank you to Kathy Giddins

We’re making track at MRW

To make all your Christmas dreams come true

It’s fun for all the ages

And we have all the gauges

From five inch to seven and a quarter, All designed and made to order

All built and manufactured in the uk

We’re working hard at MRW

Making portable miniature railways just for you

It’s easy if you know the way

You can ride your own train all day

Chugging along is fun

You can pack away when you’re done

It’s the perfect gift whether you’re young or old.

Jingle bells all is well when you’re riding trains

Oh what fun it is to have a portable railway, oh!

Jingle bells jingle bells

Electric petrol or steam

Having your own train in your garden is a Christmas dream.

We’re making track at MRW.

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