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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

MRW’s Jubilee track range has been popular with many portable railway operators for its ease of use, sturdy construction and value for money. An increasing number of people are using Jubilee track for semi-permanent railways that can be lifted to accommodate the use of vehicles and equipment or irregular foot traffic among many other reasons. In summer 2021, Paul placed his first order for Jubilee track which comprised of a generous 60m out and back, alongside a Neptune 3 locomotive with Abbots rolling stock. Paul chose Jubilee track so that he could lift it temporarily for road crossings and return the line to its original form in minutes.

Paul's first out and back

The out and back proved a success, and this gave Paul the license to create the largest railway of Jubilee track in number of panels that we are currently aware of. Paul approached us after his first order with the plan of his site and idea in mind. To create a railway around his young vineyard that had the ability to be lifted and re-laid quickly to accommodate crop tending tractors and machinery. In total, the line now has over 200 panels, a balloon loop, and 3 sets of Jubilee points, creating an impressive railway in a unique setting that functions perfectly for the challenges faced by the user.

James getting to grips with the Imp

As Paul’s first foray into miniature railways, Jubilee track’s clearly defined, pre-assembled system made planning out his railway simple and very straightforward. Now that the concept is proven, road crossings in key areas are planned to be firmed up with concreted sections based on our brand new Britannia semi-permanent range, and groundwork improved to make the railway safer for more regular passenger carriage in the future.

In July, we had the pleasure of seeing the completed railway for ourselves at the vineyard, and were blown away by the creative usage of the product, but also how well the Jubilee track and points were performing after their exposure to the elements. The points especially were deeply impressive, having the beginnings of corrosion forming but functioning perfectly due to the nylon and stainless steel used in key areas of their construction.

It's also worth noting that the inbuilt play in the track panel tie bars allowed the railway to expand perfectly on a very warm summer’s day, with no kinks or untoward bends across the length of the entire line. On such a hot day, we stayed out as long as we dared in heat, discussing the finer details of the railway and how Paul had laid out the groundwork. We hope once some minor adjustments have been made, we’ll be invited back for a day with visiting locos and other Jubilee portable track users to create possibly the largest Jubilee railway we will ever see!

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Adam Goodin
Adam Goodin
Aug 13, 2022

What an excellent article and more so the fantastic use of the jubilee track. It proves just how remarkable and versatile the product is...and then some!

It doesn't half get those creative juices flowing chaps, ey?


Aug 12, 2022

Hi Daniel, well what a great railway he has there. I am still enjoying my track thankyou. I may be moving house and will need to relocate my track. Will it come apart quite easily as it has been out every day since you laid it for me? Many Thanks, Jim Hunt (Margate)

Daniel Mason
Daniel Mason
Aug 15, 2022
Replying to

Hi Jim!

I'm Glad you are doing well. As i remember you put a lot of grease in the joints when laying that track so it should come apart with out much issue, But you might find a can of WD40 handy. I would recommend having a length of wood to hand to use as a lever as shown in the bellow graphic to help separate the track panels if any do become difficult.

You track was layed before we had invented the new flexi fishplates. If you Email me to let me know how you are getting on with laying the track we can always send you a few flexible fishplates which may well help in the re-laying process.

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