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The most easterly heritage railway in the UK - Leiston Works Railway

Top Field Light Railway supported the Leiston Works Railway in there grand re-opening event in June 2019. They wanted a steam loco at the event to give rides to members of the public as there full size railway wasn't permitted to take passengers as yet.

Rio Kent in charge of an test train at the Leiston Works Railway Grand Re-opening

The track was quickly laid on the concrete and tarmac base at a local school where the train was then able to give rides to members of the public: 50 child, £1 for adult.

48 lengths of track used in total some curves and some straights to give a sweeping S curve and long straight.

The track performed perfectly but unfortunately the carriages developed a fault with there brakes causing problems during the day. The team didn't let the problems dampen spirits and a very enjoyable two days where had by all involved. Only days latter I had the bogies for the carriages on the bench fitting new brake blocks and modifying the brake hangers so that the stock would be ready for the next public event.

LNER K2 Loch Rannoch TFLR On Tour Portable Track at Leiston Works Railway Grand Re-opening

There is plenty on the Leiston Works Railway website about there mission and what they are doing to build there new line. It's a great organisation made up of some relay first rate volunteers and we at MRW where proud to support them in there endeavours. Take a look at there website for more information -

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