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Product design internship in a small scale manufacturing company.

We are a small scale manufacturing company of around 6-8 employees where we develop products from concept through to production and delivery to customers all under one roof. We specialize in limited batch manufacturing producing products that are well suited to UK manufacturing and utilizing modern and old manufacturing techniques.

We undertake in house; Concept generation, sketching, prototyping, CAD, 3D printing, Laser cutting, Stress testing, all aspects of design-development though to a working prototype/first off. We also design all the jigs/aids required to make the products, taking ownership of the products refinement into final production. This is a placement where any design/engineering intern can further and better their skills quickly and gain real life experience designing products that will actually get made and go into production.

Exporting internationally with a wide range of customers around the world, the products we make at MRW give impact to our customers and are widely respected within the industry.

The business was established in 2018, Miniature Railway Workshop Ltd, starting from just a garage it has grown into a substantial enterprise manufacturing products in Kirkby-In-Ashfield, Nottingham. The company's directors (Dan & James) are both product design graduates from De Montfort University and have gained years of experience of design-development-manufacture-testing through both University and employment. We would like to take on an individual who has a strong interest in design/engineering who can assist in product development and gain from our experience whilst also assisting MRW continue to grow.

We have room for 1 summer intern and 1 year long internship as part of a placement during university. Candidates interested in applying for this role should send a cover letter and CV to: Miniature Railway Workshop, Unit 1a & 1b, New Line Road, Kirkby-In-Ashfield, Nottingham, NG17 8JQ 

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