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Norfolk Tinman Range Grows

Our Norfolk Tinman has been busy and we are currently working through the pre-orders.

In August we launched our Norfolk Tinman range which has been in development for the last year, These are hand made tinplate products made by a second generation tinsmith working from Norfolk.

The Oil Bottles Are Here!

Available individually

Combined pair of Steam and General Lube oil bottles

Our new oil bottles are 1pt and 3pt versions suitable for Steam oil and General Lube oil. Full size locomotives normally carry one of each and the smaller one is by default the steam oil, this means even in low light environments the crew can tell which bottle is the steam oil. It is obviously very important that the right oil is used and storing it in one of these bottles ensures that only the right oils are used.

Want to look the part?

If you own an engine you're proud of you want it to look the part when it's in operation. We've seen plenty of stunning photos taken of miniature locomotives that are ruined by an out of place plastic bottle or debris which has been left in the shot. With our Norfolk tinman range they look in keeping with miniature live steam which will achieve a practical purpose.

The Norfolk tinman range is designed to look in-keeping with a Miniature railway. These are scaled down versions of the original but allowances have been made to ensure that the handle has the right grip and the design functions correctly in this scaled down form.

The Norfolk Tinman range is designed for large scale locomotives and works well with;

  • Most 7 ¼” locos.

  • Most 10 ¼” gauge locos.

  • Any 15” loco and bigger.

  • Stationary engines.

  • Traction engines 3inch and bigger

The feeders

We now stock both a LNER/BR (eastern Region) and also a Midland Style feeder which have both proved popular with railways around the country and further abroad. The Norfolk Tinman feeders look and feel the part.

The Norfolk Tinman

Nick is the Norfolk Tinman. He has spent his career working on preserved railways with a wide range of experience of all aspects of locomotive repair. Working for many years as a Fitter at the North Norfolk Railway and volunteering on the footplate as a Driver. He uses his own oil feeders and Tinsmith products on the footplate and we approached him to make a scaled down version of his traditional products. After some time hand cutting and forming the tinplate, Nick produced for us an excellent range of scaled down footplate equipment.

Requests and custom items

We have received a request for a specific oil bottle for steam oil where it has a longer spout to reach in under where the lubricator is located. As every single bottle is handmade we are able to make little design modifications and one of these is now on order for the customer.

If you would like a specific product for your miniature railway needs please contact us directly for more information:

Norfolk tinman range is available to order now or pre-order depending on stock levels. ORDER NOW

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