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Moving 7 1/4 inch gauge loco, unloading live steam miniature locomotives MRW portable track.

Hello, I’m Daniel Mason from Miniature Railway Workshop. I wanted to show you how we move some of our larger loco’s without the need for heavy lifting. This video shows the unloading of LNER K2 locomotive named Loch Rannoch. Using MRW Jubilee portable track panels, including; curves, straights and the new loading ramp which is now available for order via a direct quote. The ramp will be added to the MRW store in the next few weeks.

More information about the loading ramp can be found on the product page

At MRW we are striving to create everything you need to build a portable miniature railway. Our range of Jubilee portable track can be laid in the garden or taken to the local fete. Complex track plans can easily be achieved with our range of straights, points and curves that have all been carefully designed in CAD and then tested. We are proud of our product and believe it is the best portable track solution available. We currently offer 7 1/4" gauge track panels as part of our Jubilee Portable track range but are currently working to release other gauges including 5 inch gauge. This video was filmed at Top Field Light Railway before the current travel restrictions in the UK.

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