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New Product: Hurricane Steam raising blower - Pre-order now!

After months of product development, testing and refinement we’re pleased to announce that our Hurricane Steam Raising Blowers are now available for pre-order!

Whether you’re operating a miniature steam train at home in your back garden or at an event, this blower is the perfect solution to ensuring the best draw from your loco when getting up steam.

The new MRW Hurricane Steam Raising Blower

The body is aluminium construction with a few mild steel components. Where possible we've used stainless steel fasteners to ensure the product is long lasting and retains its shiny and new appearance.

Special features include a hinged handle to allow for compact storage and safe removal from the loco when it’s hot as well as a handy adjustable bypass valve/damper in case the draw is too great for your loco.

Don’t Be So Shocked

Our Damper flap allows the operator to vary the draft of the blower which will protect your boiler from excessive thermal shock while keeping the fire lit during set-up. It can be adjusted to suit locos of all sizes and firing requirements.

It’s Got The Power

The Hurricane can be powered by all standard 12V leisure and automotive batteries and can support up to 14.3V continuous supply. As an added precaution, we’ve also fused the electrical system with an automotive blade fuse to keep you steaming along safely.

Did I Mention Dimensions?

The Hurricane is designed for use with large 5 inch locos, 7 ¼ inch and right up to medium sized 10 ¼ inch gauge locos. Please be aware of the below dimensions to ensure the product is compatible with your engine.

  • Height: 230mm (approx)

  • Width: 210mm (approx)

  • Weight: 2.5kg

  • Chimney Inner Diameter range: 34.3mm (1 ⅜”) -110mm (4 ⅕”)

We had the opportunity to put our new blower to the test recently at the Fairhaven Woodland and Water garden in Norfolk where Top Field Light Railway held a pop-up event and it worked exceptionally well. (See video below).

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