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New product added to the website: Vallorbe Swiss Made Metalworking Files

A superior quality of metalworking file for every day tasks in the home workshop or for professional metalworking.

We have been looking for a number of months to find a reliable manufacturer of metalworking files to use in our production of portable track. We have been putting a set of Vallorbe files through their paces filing our mild steel day in day out. Even after weeks of continued heavy use the files remain sharp with a very good cutting face.

Vallorbe are world leaders in metal working files and have a wide range for numerous sectors, including industry, forestry, jewellery, watchmaking, blacksmithing and luthiery. The files we have selected are well suited for Model Engineering and general Machinist tasks but we can source a wide variety of files for our customers from Vallorbe’s extensive catalogue. If you are looking for a specific file for a metalworking application, please do contact us to find out how we can help.

The soft grip handle helps avoid calluses and blisters on the hands when working for extended periods. The handles are not moulded to the file, so can be removed and swapped onto fresh files or changed to wooden handles at your discretion.

We can source most of the range of engineer’s files from Vallorbe, so take a look at their full catalogue here for more info

Details about the design and manufacture

Vallorbe offers three different ranges of tools: PREMIUM, CLASSIC & SAVER These orange handled files are classed as their SAVER files and are well suited to intermediate use for both hobbyist and professional applications.

The files are sold as:

8 Inch Pack of 5

Weight: 0.85kg (approx)

Length: 18cm of cutting edge with total length of 32.5cm including handle.

10 Inch Pack of 5

Pack Weight:1.40kg (approx)

Length: 23cm of cutting edge with total length of 38cm including handle.

To buy your own head over to our shop page

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