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Make it British.

Here at MRW we design and manufacture the track panels ourselves and then package up the product for dispatch. However, if a customer has a question they come directly to me (Dan) then I respond as soon as reasonably possible. YES we do get some people message us in the wee hours and more often than not we do reply.

You're keeping us busy!

MRW is now into its third year of existence and year on year we have increased manufacturing and expanded the product range so this means we have the busiest order book ever! Currently we are in a production run for various customers totaling nearly 200 track sections. This on top of people contacting us daily to enquire about our existing range or else to see if we can provide something specific they are looking for.

A very Happy New Year from all of us here at Miniature Railway Workshop. To celebrate the new year we got the team together for a group photo!
Accountant - Designer - Director - Welder - Head of assembly - Tea Boy - Press officer.

We have been working with one such customer to produce a set of track plans for a specific set of requirements and produced 3 options for track layouts to suit their particular site. Take a look at the drawings for yourself and see what is possible when you would like a BIG miniature portable railway.

Range of track plans produced for a customer to understand how MRW track can be laid out around a large building.

EN8 Round Bar.

Looking more to the Model Engineer we have now added EN8 Round Bar to our stock range.

While manufacturing our coupling pins we found it difficult to find a supplier of EN8 Round bar in short lengths. Hence we had to go out and buy some in bulk and it was then we decided to add 60cm lengths to the MRW webshop. By comparing various Ebay sellers we think we are very competitively priced, being nearly half the price of some retailers and when bought with other products you’re able to combine postage and make use of our weight based postage system to take advantage of the competitive postage pricing.

Any order under 5kg is subject to just a £5 charge, which means you can buy 12 x 60cm lengths of 10mm EN8 and save on postage. For more info on our postage structure please check out

Happy Christmas!

Immediately after Christmas MRW had a number of enquiries and we are pleased to share that the GLMR have decided to add MRW Jubilee track to their existing aluminum portable railway.

This order necessitated us finishing off a design we had sketched out nearly a whole year earlier for a 21mm high aluminium rail joiner. There is now a proper technical drawing and product page for the 21mm joiner which you can find here along with the 16mm version.

Supporting Top Field Light Railway

MRW have been long term supporters of Norfolk’s Top Field Light Railway and in the run up to Christmas we helped them create a ticket design to be used as an ALL STATIONS season ticket throughout 2020. The ticket entitles the holder to 10 rides on the Top Field Light Railway and/or Top Field Portable Railway so they will be able to use the tickets to ride on some of the very very first track sections MRW ever made in 2018!

For more info on how to buy this ticket head over to their online shop.

Plain and simple coupling pins.

These are a great alternative to our existing CNC Turned coupling pins and are just the right size for our coupling bars. The pins come in two sizes 8mm/10mm with correct locking R Clip.

Not Just Dan Anymore!

After helping from the sidelines since the formation of MRW John Mason ( Dan’s Father) has agreed to take on the other half of the business and assist in the growing number of duties that arise from running a manufacturing business here in the UK.

Picture form 2015 soon after purchase of the K2.

John has been involved with miniature railways since he and Dan joined Barton House Railway way back in 2005 and he purchased the LNER locomotive K2 in 2015

Make it British!

We are all about making products right here in the UK and one of the brands that we have found very inspirational is a company called HEBTROCO who make a range of men's clothing that is all manufactured right here in the UK and this led us down a rabbit hole of discovery to then find the Make It British website and Podcast.

If you're interested in UK manufacturing these are both places to check out and we can definitely recommend the woolly hats from Hebtroco as they are lovely and warm on a cold winter's walk.

Happy New Year

We are always looking for new ways to grow MRW product range and discovering more about the great industries that are thriving in the UK is very inspirational! If there is something you would like us to make to suite your requirements drop us a message and we will see how we can help. Dan M.

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