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Big isn't it!

We have moved! Yes that's right, we have taken the plunge and moved the business into a proper industrial unit. MRW has been growing over the last two years and we are now at a stage where we just needed more space; "you can never have too much storage".

We are now based out of a industrial unit in Lenton, Nottingham. We will be keen to welcome visitors as and when the Covid-19 restrictions allow, but for the time being we will be posting plenty of pictures and videos of what we get up to here in Nottingham.

Importantly our new workshop in Nottingham is much bigger than where we were before, so there's plenty of opportunity for growth.

The very first track Panel to be produced in Nottingham, this particular one ended up going to OCS Locomotives who now own a portable railway to complement their fleet of locos. For more info about OCS head over to:

New track panels are coming fresh off the production Line to meet orders.

Collaboration with NewProd Design

Dan is the joint founder of NewProd Design which has been based in Nottingham for a number of years and the move of MRW into the same industrial unit as NewProd will allow both companies to grow stronger and see more exciting progress in the coming months and years.

A basis of MRW's philosophy is to make and sell our own products right here in the UK and an important aspect of any product is it's design process. This is where NewProd can really show its strengths, with a range of 3D printers and other rapid-prototyping equipment, the two companies will help each other develop and prosper,

If you require help in designing a product for manufacture head over to the NewProd website for more info.

New Workbench

We rent our space per metre so every bit of space counts. One of my main gripes is hunting for tools when they are not easily found. With this in mind we have decided to build a workbench and storage unit in conjunction with NewProd Design.

The Steel used is 60x60x5 angle and this has been mig welded together. The final construction is very, very heavy and sturdy and exactly what we wanted from an industrial workbench. It shouldn't be wobbling or shaking around - an annoyance with the nature of our work, and it will stand us in good stead for many years to come.

There will be more pictures when the LED lights and tool racks have been fitted.

New Products in the Pipeline

As well as expanding our current range we are looking to develop completely new products to add to the range. The picture below is a 3D Printed coupling pin produced by NewProd Design for prototyping, before we go ahead with CNC machining.

3D Printed Coupling Pin

Here at MRW we are really excited for what the next few months hold for us. As well as our existing range of products, we are looking to grow and develop substantially.

These Track Panels were a first for MRW - 5 inch and 7 1/4 dual gauge track. These particular panels have been delivered to one very happy customer; Abbots Model Engineering in Telford. They plan to use these panels to demonstrate their products to customers and also help move locos and rolling stock around their workspace.

More points in production

We have more Left hand points in production along with the right hand ones. If you are interested in some of these, drop us a message for more information on lead times.

Coupling Adaptor Plate

This is a really exciting product and unlike anything we have seen on the market before.

Something we have been asked for numerous times is a method of coupling standard gauge hook and buffers to narrow gauge style slot and pin couplings. This is a challenge faced at many clubs who run with multiple coupling types. To overcome this, we have designed a coupling plate that slots onto the coupling block and allows the chain of a standard gauge loco to be threaded through the front slot. These are being welded up and will be released on to the website.

If you’re interested in one of these pieces of kit, just drop us a message for more info.

See them on our webshop .

That's all for now.

We are still working on a number of new products not mentioned and are always interested to hear from customers that want something special. Just drop us a message.

Tel. 07591 006642


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Nov 19, 2020

Amazing! That’s some tidy work on the bench! Very nice indeed

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