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A New Miniature Railway Just Starting Out.

Track panels on their way to be part of a new Portable Miniature Railway Follow this tracks story with the Woolsey’s Miniature Railway.

The Woolsey family will be taking the track to events with their Romulus loco named "Ellie" and Marie Estelle loco "Eva".

These 30 sections are being packed-up along with two buffer stops in preparation for collection by Carrier tomorrow.

For more information about our postage pricing take a look at our dedicated page POSTAGE

Stacks of track in the workshop

We've been very busy yet again! More new track panels fresh out of production.

MRW have a number of new enquiries and expressions of interest and we will be working to keep our development of new products like the points and the blower active whilst meeting customer requests.

We have a simple weight calculated postage system and any order over 100KG having a flat rate of £100.

Drop us a message if you looking for 30+ sections of track to access our 5% discount or take a look at our website for smaller orders.

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