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5 Inch gauge track

Expansion to the range of Jubilee track panels offered by MRW to now include 5 inch gauge track.

Portable Miniature Ride on Railway track
5 Inch gauge track

We are pleased to announce the release of our 5 inch gauge track panels, following on from the success of the 7 ¼ gauge (points, buffer stops, curves and straights) as well as the recent announcement that we will for the first time be making some multiple gauge trackwork we are now releasing stand alone 5 inch gauge panels.

Following on from our tried and tested 7 ¼ gauge design, we are using 25x25mm box steel rail to ensure our customers get the same firm and smooth ride that they have come to expect from the 7 ¼ gauge track range. The plastic wood sleepers that have proved popular on the 7 ¼ gauge range have also been retained, but shortened slightly to ensure that they look appropriate to the size of the 5 inch trains.

The test batch of these panels will be made over the coming weeks and we are confident that they will be just as popular as its 7 ¼ gauge counterpart. Points, curves and buffer stops are all in the works, so if you're looking for more than just an out and back railway line, drop us a message and we can discuss your requirements.

We will now be welcoming orders for the 5 inch gauge straights and for further information, please take a look at the product page and technical pages on our website.

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