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Wood you believe it…...

We sell plastic wood through our website for use in miniature railways.

Plastic wood is a long lasting solution for sleepers, it drills and cuts like wood and has a similar weight. This is a realistic and sustainable alternative to traditional hardwood sleepers. It doesn't need preserving prior to installation, is 100% recycled and fully recyclable.

It is an ideal choice for portable railways as well as permanent railways especially for point work where often traditional sleepers rot and can be time consuming to replace.

Plastic wood Recycled Plastic Lumber 20x60x1500mm (1.5M) Is £4.10 per length.

Large amounts of this is in stock and is available to be shipped anywhere in the UK with our weight calculated postage system - see website for full information.…/plastic-wood Sold Individually - Minimum order of 2 lengths

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