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Who is Tobyn?

An Engineer who's been helping us for the last few months and has now officially joined the MRW team.

Around April 2021 MRW was in crisis. We had a lot of old machinery and a rapidly growing business. This meant we kept running into electrical and maintenance problems that were very time consuming. After exploring some other options and calling in a lot of flavours Dan decided to post a plea for help to the local Hackspace page...

Tobyn answered the call and since April he has been invaluable, coming in once or twice a week to help us solve temperamental machines, install new electronics and also aid in the manufacturing and development process for the broad range of MRW products.

About a month ago Tobyn told us that he’d found a full time job and wouldn’t be able to come in regularly, so just for fun, to round off his volunteering, we asked him to write down everything he’s done in the short time he's been helping MRW. Here’s the list:

List of tasks I have done

3 Drill bank, set up and running. 
New enclosure for contactors and stop/start.
Refit repaired motor.
Remake 3 phase cable. extension. ( had no neutral connection. contactor would not latch)

Milling machine
coolant pump change
Replace old stiff/ split conduit .

Box bender 
Replace and extend power cable.
Fix relay position. Cable tied 
Add earth to the control box.
Make up additional extension lead 

Shipping container
Run in cable from outside socket 
Add distribution board
Add 2 415v sockets 
Add 4 230v sockets 
Repairs to Buddy
Research Carter Variator

Research Lifan 152F engine 
Repair and setup governor. Stops at half throttle
Fitted better throttle return spring 
Align engine position
Reposition of dynamo 
Replace and upgrade throttle cable
Add inline filter
Add hard fuel lines 
Design and make belt tensioner from the motor to the Carter Variator.
Design and make belt tensioner from the Carter Variator to the dog clutch system
Fix fuel Tank in position
Remove old cables 
Adjust and set up carburetor 
Replace oil in Carter Variator
Replace oil in  Lifan 152F engine

Machining tasks 
Welding up Blowers and associated machining
Drilling collars for Blowers 
Various parts for points 
Tube extension for lathe Chuck handle.

Around this time we realized that MRW needed another engineer to help get our products to market. Fortunately for us Tobyn decided he wasn’t a fan of his new employer and offered to come in and work with MRW on a part time basis. We are pleased to share that this has been confirmed and Tobyn is now an official member of the MRW team and will be helping us with Maintenance, Manufacture, Design and Development for the foreseeable future.

His past volunteering with MRW has been truly invaluable and we would not be where we are today without his input.

Welcome to the team Tobyn. It’s great to have you with us!

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