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Portable Railway Club Open day in collaboration with AME

Last weekend we loaded the trailer full of track ready for a fun packed event at AME in Telford running portable railways across the carpark infront of the workshop. We were joined by two other Portable Railways; Woolsey's Miniature Railway and the Soar Valley Garden Railway who both brought their MRW portable track along to the event with various locos and rolling stock.

The track took about 1 hour to lay with 3 railways constructed, two in 7 1/4" and another in 5" gauge. The tracks consisted of (A) radius, (O) radius and (Q) radius curves meaning we were able to achieve sweeping curves where needed and also tight ones to negotiate some of the more confined parts of the carpark. The points and track used all performed perfectly with not one single derailment all day, despite some attempts at setting some land speed records when none of the public were around!

The People Make The Event

At the Portable Railway Club we are blessed with some amazing volunteers who bring with them enthusiasm and dedication that makes these special events possible. We have to say a huge thank you to all of them for giving up their free time to make these events possible.

Open Workshop and Showroom

The Abbots team put on a lovely show by preparing the workshops ready for visitors complete with live demonstration of locomotive construction with Cliff wiring up a customer's Neptune locomotive.

The Temporary Way

The track performed perfectly with the various curves and straights used making an interesting railway which was fun for both passengers and drivers alike!

Running Trains

We had a steady stream of passengers through the day who came to ride the railway. It's always great to be able to take passengers for a ride along a completely temporary railway which wasn't there a few hours before and will be gone without a trace in just a couple of hours time!

Turn up the volume for this one!

That's all until next year!

We plan on making next year a much bigger event spanning two days with a more complex and fully fledged railway system complete with turntable and balloon loop. Be sure to keep the 8th and 9th of July 2023 free in your diary to join in some Portable Railway Fun.

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