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New Typhoon Blower under development by MRW

Here at MRW we have received a few customer requests for a blower better suited for miniature traction engines. It seems a number of traction engine users are looking to ditch the long chimney extensions used for steam rising. These miniature traction engine users want to follow the way of the steam locomotive operators and use an electric steam raising blower. We have answered the requests and are working on a suitable product that is explained in greater detail below.

Lined up Mini Traction Engines
Miniature Traction Engines At Statfold Barn

Our existing design that is on the website and in the brochure is best suited for miniature locomotives as many of these have a smaller diameter chimney. For a traction engine a larger pipe on the blower will help it sit centrally on the chimney and also reduce the risk of it falling off the engine during use if knocked. We are currently working on a larger version better suited to traction engines that will have a larger pipe and gasket so that it will be far better suited to the large diameter chimneys found on a miniature scale traction engine. It will likely be around the same air draw as our existing design, but importantly still incorporate the popular bypass flap on the base to adjust the draw for a particular engine or firing conditions.

A photo showing our existing Hurricane blower compared to a standard miniature traction engine chimney. The difference in size is quite obvious.

This "Typhoon'' blower is in development and attached is a rough tech drawing of what we currently have. The Typhoon will be going to the laser cutters in the next batch of manufacturing in the coming weeks and we hope to have one ready for testing by August. All time frames are dependent on other work/orders but we hope these will be going into manufacture in late August/September. If you would like one for yourself, please let us know and we can arrange for you to be one of the first customers to receive one of these blowers.

The first mock-up tech drawing of the Typhoon blower
Download • 392KB

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