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Super Fun Day - Join our club

On Saturday 12th June 2021 MRW held a trial open day.

This fun-filled event was an opportunity for customers to return to MRW and take their locos for a spin on our Jubilee 7¼” gauge track.

Our 7 1/4" gauge portable track is quick and easy to lay and disassemble

The special occasion also marked the formation of our very own Portable Railway Club which anyone can join - stay tuned for more details on this later!

On the day the “station” took the form of a marquee where we laid the beginning of the track. It then extended through the gateway of the MRW workshop and into a large car park area with a set of points at either end to allow for passing.

WMR electric loco in the "station" at MRW's open day

Peter Griggs from Abbotts Engineering lent a hand by bringing some extra coaches to join the ones he’s already supplied MRW customers. Other attendees were Patrick, Jamie and Nick from GLMR (Go Loco Miniature Railway) in Newcastle who brought their Scamp no3 “Navigator” and pump cart while Michael, Thomas and Robert from Woolsey’s Miniature Railway brought their 7¼” gauge portable track as well as their Romulus loco “Ellie” and rolling-stock.

(L-R: Peter Griggs from AME driving his electric loco, members of WMR and GLMR with their locos in the "station", the WMR Romulus steam loco in action.)

John (Dan's dad) also joined in the fun, taking on the role of Station Master and issuing tickets. He kindly did us the favour of bringing over some more MRW Jubilee 7¼” gauge track from Norfolk plus the K2 Loch Rannoch loco and rolling stock courtesy of Top Field Light Railway.

men operating miniature trains on portable railway track
Nick operating the GLMR Scamp and members of WMR with the steam loco Romulus and coaches

Throughout the day our Craftsman Tom manned a vegan barbecue and drinks stand where we sold hot dogs and burgers as well as tea, water and soft drinks to keep everyone well fed and hydrated. Refreshments were certainly welcome since it was such a hot day, especially for those of us who were operating steam engines!

(L: Tom cooking up some vegan burgers on the BBQ, R: Foz on the GLMR pump cart)

Our Design-Maker Ellie also provided us with some custom handmade MRW bunting and did an excellent job with filming and photography.

Both young and old enjoyed having rides on the trains and we all agreed that the day was a roaring success. We’re looking forward to running more events like this in the future with the view to trying out different track formations to possibly include a passing loop or turn table.

For more info on our track and other stock head over to our website

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