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We have been busy at MRW getting a special order ready for a railway down in Essex, where the owner wanted a special joiner to connect his permanent track to MRW portable track panels.

The Flair Light Railway (a working title) has over doubled in length. MRW Track sections have been used to extend the track out through the garage and out to the front drive. These sections can be laid in minutes and taken up just as fast. This means that the front drive can be both a miniature railway and cars.

The owner seams very pleased with the track and is excited to see progress on the points we are developing, better get back and do some more CAD! We have some more video to share soon that the owner has sent us so be sure to hit that like button to stay up to date with MRW. Do you have a drive way that you would like to run a railway on? if so why not drop us a message or take a look at our brochure on or website.

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