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Great to hear!

One of our customers sent us some feedback on our Jubilee track range and thought it would be great to share this on the blog.

Hello James & Dan,
We had a pleasant run on Saturday afternoon with the new MRW track panels . We rode up and down the track several times discovering three places where the ground was uneven, but this was soon put right by inserting various wooden offcuts and rubber mating beneath the sleepers to level up where required. From then on we had a great time. The ride over it felt very smooth and solid.
I have attached a picture of the track taken Friday afternoon before I subsequently lifted the track to cut the grass the following morning. I was very pleased with the simplicity and ease of dismantling and erecting the panels. The sections are also a nice suitable length to transport in the car.
I have written Google review.
Many thanks for supplying me with a superb product.
Pete Devrell..........

Thanks so much for the feedback Pete, it means so much to hear how pleased our customers are with the product after all the hard work that goes into making them!

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