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First happy customer

The model engineers over at Top Field Light Railway have been really impressed by their new portable track and are going to use it to raise funds for there developing club track. The club is hoping to purchase more from MRW within the following years and are very excited to get hold of some of the curved track we are developing.

A bit about the club

The Top Field Light Railway is a unique 7 1/4 inch gauge railway, which is being built by members of the Whitwell & Reepham Model Engineering Club. They started construction in 2016 and are well on the way to having a fully fledged railway.

Why they chose MRW jubilee track

  • Quick and simple to lay

  • light weight

  • Easy to store

  • Reasonable price

  • Brilliant way to advertise their club around Norfolk

The club laid their new track out on the camping pitch for some publicity photos as shown below, think you will agree it looks pretty great!

A video of the members day featuring the portable track

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