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Portable Railway - Steam & Diesel Gala

Once again we will be supporting the Portable Railway Club at there second gala at AME Telford.

A celebration of portable miniature railways with rides on 5 & 7 1/4 inch gauge trains with on-site refreshments available plus tours of the AME factory.

The Portable Railway Club will be running trains at Abbot's Model Engineering over two days with various locos running including; steam, electric and petrol power!

Why not pop along and say hello? We are always happy to chat about miniature railways and give rides.

The Portable Railway Club is a non-profit organisation supported by MRW & AME for the promotion of Portable Railways.

8th & 9th July 10:30am-4:30pm

A large selection of locomotives will be running

The Portable Railway Club's very own DB Neptune 4 will be on show running trains.

The Class 20 will be on show and giving rides. - Remember this one is currently up for sale.

534 from Go Loco Miniature Railways will be joining with its owner Nick seen driving above.

The Flyer will be on show ready to set new land speed records!

The Tyke designed and built by Colin E will be running. This sizable loco is able to negotiate 2M radius curves with ease!

A firm MRW favourite! Imp number 3, this fine little loco blessed the MRW show room for a number of months last year and the owner will be bringing it along to join the fun at Telford.

The AME Neptune 3 will be on show and likely running as well

The original Romulus Will be running at giving rides.

The largest loco attending this sizable Excalibur II class loco called Captain.

Multiple Scamps will be joining us for the event!

Visiting locos are welcome but must bee pre-arranged with PRC Chairman Daniel Mason

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