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Hemil M. - Meet the Team

A poignant day for MRW highlighting all the work Hemil has done here at MRW which is now coming to a close as his placement finishes and he returns to university.

HIYA!  Myself, Hemil Modh. I’m an undergrad Product Design intern who is easily approachable, poised and  creative. Always been keen on the scientific side of product Design and understanding the “Why’s” & ‘How’s” of the world. Apart from my profession, photography and sports like badminton, cricket and football are also cherished by me. 

My time at MRW

It's Been more than Eight months now here at  MRW & will be finishing by mid of June, 2024. As a budding product designer, it’s a brilliant environment to grow & learn from the experienced & agile team. Be it an individual project or team project, it’s always interesting to know and understand things. These 9 months have comparatively given me more knowledge than a couple of years of uni. As there’s no substitute for real experience.

MRW has given me much more than I imagined. My mentor “Dan” & other team members have given immense support. Everyday is a school day. I’ve always been interested in engines, bikes & automobiles. MRW gave me the opportunity to delve into the interesting world of miniature trains. I had never ridden a miniature train before joining MRW. It was a surreal experience after driving the train with passengers. The smiles on the faces of kids and big kids ( Adults ) gave me satisfaction. That's the aim of the product designer. To serve, design and create a better world for the people. 

My Work at MRW

Many projects have been undertaken like file boxes, Lamp brackets, Event signs, speed signs, etc. Here are some of the vital ones. 

1. Lamp Brackets

I was tasked to create 6 lamps brackets for the Halloween themed miniature train event at Pugneys. According to requirements, research and measurements guided me to create these brackets.  Instead of  opting for modern laser cutting techniques, I chose the traditional approach, meticulously cutting and filing each bracket to ensure a flawless finish. These brackets played a vital role at Pugneys Halloween Miniature Railway event. Demonstrating that time-honoured craftsmanship can still shine in today's technology-driven world.  

2. Sign Boards

For the Christmas event, aesthetic signs were created for the public.  Crafted with precision and creativity, the sign boards for MRW's rail events embody seamless navigation. "Exit" ensures smooth transitions. "Rockingham Express' ' depicts thrill & excitement, promising a journey beyond ordinary. "Tickets" stands as a gateway to anticipation, welcoming all aboard. Enamel paint was used to protect it against harsh weather. 

3. Speed Signs

I recently completed painting a custom 60 MPH speed sign for a customer's miniature railway setup. This sign, intended as a sidetrack accessory, features a vibrant yellow stroke with black powder coated section at the bottom, intended for  high visibility and a striking contrast. Using enamel coach paint,I carefully rendered the numeral's details to demonstrate a real-life  speed sign. The result is a visually appealing and realistic accessory that adds both authenticity and aesthetic value to the customer's miniature railway scene. 


During my education in Mumbai, my curiosity led me to pursue general science during my A levels. Exploring the diverse branches of science propelled my interest and laid the foundation for my future endeavours.

However, my true passion lay in the realm of product design. Despite it not being a popular field in India, I pursued it with unwavering enthusiasm. It all started with a poorly designed generic  mug in my kitchen. My future big project is to create & design a personalized kitchen space with personalized utensils in it. I’m a huge cooking lover guy. The whole design  process resonates deeply with me. It wasn't merely about creating objects; it was about crafting experiences and solving real-world problems through design.

I’m an avid traveller. I always wanted to go out of my comfort zone and start my product design journey in a different country. Its not only about my course but also the culture, people, local festivals etc. Which in turn broadened my perspective of life, design and experience. The decision to shift to England marked a significant turning point in my life. England was just the perfect place for me to start my quest. Many great inventions have happened here. RAILWAYS is one of them.

Every lecture, workshop, and project became a canvas for me to express my creativity and hone my skills. Whether it was experimenting with different materials or exploring the latest design trends, I anticipated every aspect of the discipline with zeal.

Some of my favourite Projects from uni includes products like anti spiking glass, foldable board game sleeve, electric commuting folding bike, etc. 


You won't believe but during my childhood I hated photography. It all started in my teen age years where I started observing the beautiful world consciously. I found a direct correlation with my eyes and the lens of the camera. It's more than a hobby; it's a way of life, freezing fleeting moments into timeless narratives. Each click of the shutter says a story, evoking emotions and sharing perspectives. Human emotions are related to design as well. I take my camera everywhere, eager to capture the essence of every place I explore. Beyond documentation, photography is self-expression, infusing each image with my artistic vision. It's a constant source of inspiration, fuelling my soul and connecting me with the supreme nature. Through photography, I find beauty, purpose, and an endless journey of creativity. Street photography and wildlife photography are my favorite genres in photography.

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