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Gauge/Gauges (Inches):

7 1/4

Home Location:

North East, UK

Last Updated:

June 14, 2021 at 9:03:05 PM

Length (feet):



Go Loco Miniature Railway: The North-East's Portable Miniature Railway 🇬🇧

Built during lockdown 2020, the idea of a portable railway was conceived given the unpredictability of lockdown restrictions and the need to be able to adapt to different rules which could significantly affect the operation of a railway.
The goal was simple, to build a railway which travels to the people.
We opened for passengers at our first event in April 2021, at the famous Wheelbirks Parlour - since then, we have had a number of bookings from venues across the North East.
We're a really friendly railway whilst also maintaining the professionalism needed to operate such a unique attraction.

We are based in Tyne and Wear, however we can travel across the country to deliver high quality events!

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